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Thumbnail microphoto of benzoic acid crystal by Doug Craft that loads new microphoto menu

New Microphotos Posted

A large body (640 images) of new Golden Rectangle digital microphotos has been posted, and the microphoto gallery menus have been re-designed to accomodate the large numbers of micro images. This site now displays over 1,100 microphotos, and most of images were shot using a polarizing microscope. The new microphotos feature more rock thin sections, chemical crystals, abstract micro textures, and biological specimens. I also included a page that describes the microscopes, equipment, and procedures I used to shoot my microphotos.

Thumbnail of a freactal by Doug Craft tthat links to galleries displaying more fractal images


I have been using the Fractal Xtreme and UltraFractal programs to create a series of high resolution and colorful mathematical fractal images. These galleries feature Golden Rectangles, Squares, and Square Root of 5 fractal images.

JPG thumbnail that links to Golden Rectangle Coil collage images

Recent Coiled Golden Rectangles

JPG thumbnail image of Golden Rectangle subdivided into proportional squares When a Golden Rectangle is sectioned by a short side square, the length is subdivided at the Golden Ratio, called Φ, the Greek letter Phi, which also leaves another smaller Golden Rectangle. The process of subdivision by short side squares may continue with proportional short side squares "coiling" towards a convergence point called the "eye of God." A logarithmic spiral will also follow this coiling - as seen to the right. Click on the sacred geometry link for more detailed information.   Prints from this series and coiled Golden Rectangles from the 2005 Elements in Golden Ratio Series are for sale. Click Here or on the left image to view this set of 13 new collages.

JPG thumbnail image of Golden Rectangle mandala by artist Doug Craft that links to 2006 Solar Mandala collages

Solar Mandalas

JPG thumbnail image of overlapping Golden Rectangle mandalaA mandala is a circular or symmetrical geometric meditation object. Mandalas usually represent a centering or integration of multiple energies or influences.  This recent series continues my exploration of the Golden Rectangle with mandala forms similar to those seen in my 2002 exploratory mandalas series and in the Elements in Golden Ratio Mandalas  from 2005.  In this collage series, I use the form of four overlapping Golden Rectangles that share a central solar square to create the mandala. The cruciform mandala arms have aspect ratios of 1:(1+), or 1 to 2.236 (the square-root of 5), and are similar to the overlapping Golden Rectangles in the square-root of 5 collages from the Elements series. Click on the sacred geometry link for more detailed information.  Fine art prints of these mandala collages are available in sizes up to 40"x40". 

These collages combine space images with my own microphotos of crystals and macrophotos.  Solar images in this series were obtained from the ESA-NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, (SOHO), courtesy of the SOHO consortium.  The blue and red sun images were taken using the Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope.  SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.  Stellar images were obtained from the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), a joint project of the University of Massachusetts and the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center/California Institute of Technology, funded by NASA and the National Science Foundation

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