Mathematical Fractals

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Mathematical fractals, created with recursive computer programs using ideas advanced by Benoit Mandlebrot, are very colorful and complexly detailed images that demonstrate the fractal properties of self-similarity and fractal dimension. When most people think of fractals, these images are what comes to mind. To me, the most interesting fractals are those formed by nature, so these mathematical images appear to be too perfect on some level - in much the same way we can tell in a movie when CGI effects somehow don't look realistic. Math fractals lack the wooliness of nature's fractals made with an abundance of complexity, imperfections, approximations, and randomness. Nonetheless, mathematical fractals can make for some very interesting and fantastical images. I created the images here using Fractal Xtreme and Ultra Fractal programs. Like much of my other abstract work, these images stand on their own, but I also use them for collage backgrounds and in collages of backgrounds like Golden Rectangle coils or mandalas.

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Image of a fractal by Doug Craft that loads a gallery of other fractal images

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