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Sacred Geometry Information
Doug's list of books and references on Sacred Geometry

Reciprocal Links

Museum of the Golden Ratio  is a wonderful website that features artists from around the world who create work based on the Golden Ratio and Sacred Geometry.

Astrid Fitzgerald, a talented and prolific artist who has created paintings, collages, and mixed media inspired by the Golden Ratio and the spiritual nature of art. She is also the webmistress of the Museum of the Golden Ratio. Image No. 325, encaustic and collage on wood, © 2010 Astrid Fitzgerald.

Novus Fine Art Prints  is the home of Pamela and Scott Marshall, Atlanta art consultants and brokers. They are also active in the Atlanta gallery scene and represent several artists on their website.

Clare Goodwin's Mandala Page:  An exploration of the mandala as a tool for growth and the discovery of the self. Includes an extensive guide to mandala resources in print and on the Web.

Pirate Contemporary Art Pirate is one of the oldest and most influential of the Denver Co-op art galleries. They are now located in Lakewood.

Phil Bender: Godfather of Denver Co-Op Galleries. Phil is a founding member of Pirate: Contemporary Art gallery and a beloved fixture on the Denver art scene.

Sue Simon is an active Colorado artist who creates work based on and using mathematical equations and the Golden Ratio.

Katie Hoffman is a wonderful Colorado painter whose imagery springs from the unconscious and mythopoetic.

Molecular Expressions is one of the best information and image websites for optical microscopy on the Internet. Go here if you want to learn more about the history of the microscope and the techniques used by professional microscopists.This site features lots of stunning microphotos and really cool Java tutorials.  Banner image used with permission, © 1995-2008 by Michael W. Davidson and The Florida State University.

Banner image that links to Molecular Expressions website
Jonathan Talbot is a master painter, printmaker, collagist, and author. His art website includes several well developed link sites, notably, an excellent artist resource. Image of Nasci Patrin, © 2002, Jonathan Talbot


Other Sites I Like:

The Gear Page is my favorite guitar forum and source of information about instruments and amps. The site is carefully moderated and so is actually a pleasant forum environment.

Mike Vargas  Mike is an extraordinay musician and composer who has worked extensively in the modern dance world for the past 30 years. He is currently collaborating and teaching with dancer Nancy Stark Smith, an innovator in contact improvisation. Mike's specialty is improvisation, and he published an article in the journal Contact Quarterly on the aesthetics of music.

Music by Robert Rich Robert is one of the best practicioners of ambient and space music and is also a very skilled and talented musician.

Bruce Rawles Sacred Geometry Website This site provides a good tutorial and extensive links to other Sacred Geometry websites and resources from the mathematical to the metaphysical.

Rob Brezsny's Freewill Astrology Rob has a very positive and insightful attitude that has been helpful to me many times. He is also a hell of a writer and a major hippie trickster. Check his site to get a breath of fresh air and horoscopes for those who believe the universe is a "giant problem solving machine."

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