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Hello, and thanks for taking the time to listen to my original music.  The Flash MP3 player should start up on its own. To download the MP3 files, click on the actual song title links below the Flash MP3 player.  Please feel free to download for personal use. 

I have been making and recording music for many years and the songs here are examples of my mostly instrumental music.  My recent music might be called "chill" or "trance" and uses loops and a musical collage approach to composition.  I am an improviser by inclination and most of my compositions grow out of successful musical experiments.  My music has been recorded on several generations of Tascam Portastudio cassette multi-track decks and I am currently using a Windows laptop running Acid Pro 7.0 as my DAW, Ableton Live 9 with an Akai APC-20 control surface, and an M-audio Fast Track Pro audio interface. 

I play acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, keyboards, drums, and percussion, and can also DJ/perform my electronic compositions.  I am an eclectic performer and enjoy many different styles of music from acoustic folk to metal.  I have a quick ear, a positive professional attitude, pro gear, and reliable transportation.  I can provide musical entertainment for art openings, installations, and other creative gatherings.  I am also interested in working with independent and experimental film makers.  If you would like to hire me, distribute my music, collaborate, or jam, send me an email!

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Latest Rhythmic Compositions -

Bubba Was Here    Impermanence

Reception Is Good    Mysterium    Unhurried

Come to Me    Shackleton    Monster One

Walking with Sensei    Lobos    Absolution

Overpriced Automatons    Relentless Seepage     Echo Zulu India

Reply Shouted Down     Valley of the Humming Drones     Military Industrial Complex

Doug Craft - loops with Acid Pro 7.0

Latest Ambient Music - Afterworld - 9 new ambient/space compositions to be released as a 3-CD Set:

Before Current Era (BCE) (15:40 - 15 Mb)     Pleistocene (27:59 - 27 Mb)     Bardo (19:45 - 19 Mb)

Beneath Lascaux (24:47 - 28 Mb)     Therianthrope (20:50 - 22 Mb)     Xibalba (13:20 - 14 Mb)

Heaven (24:50 - 22 Mb)     Paradise (10:40 - 10 Mb)    Birth/Rebirth (16:07 - 16 Mb)

Recent Dance and Rhythmic Music

Random Numbers     Hot Dish!     Carthage

Vedic Empire &    Rounding Up the Scapegoats     Three on Four

Wait a Minute...     First Father     God of Creation   

Wyatt Wants to Go Home     Inner Shadow     Inner Shadow (Bass Expansion)

The Interrogation     The Interrogation (Bagram Remix)

Doug Craft - loops with Acid Pro 7.0

Album cover art for music by Doug Craft, Dearly Departed

1. Wakanda 1993 Doug Craft - electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, drum machine programming

2. Uncertainty Principal 1994 - Doug Craft - drum machine programming, synthesizer, bass, acoustic guitar

3. Lou DiMattia  1997 - Doug Craft - loops, synthesizers, drum machine, baritone electric guitar

4. West of Eden 1981 - Doug Craft - dulcimer, percussion, Arp 2600 synthesizer

5. Solaris 1997 - Doug Craft - loops, synthesizers, percussion

Album art for music by Doug Craft, Chingalero Grande

1. The Blue Azul 1987 - Doug Craft - drum machines, percussion, guitars, bass

2. Broken Eigenvectors 1985 - Doug Craft - MIDI synthesizer programming, percussion, bass, tenor and alto recorders

3. The Long Drive Home 1987 - Doug Craft - percussion, bass, guitar; Joe Moran - percussion; Audrey Craft - percussion

4. Panzon y Pelon 1995 - Doug Craft - drum machine programming, bass, syntheszer, acoustic guitar

5. Probability Density Function 1987.  Doug Craft - MIDI synth programming, guitar, alto and tenor recorders, voices

6. Nao Chuva no Meu Parade 1983 - Doug Craft - drums, percussion, guitar, vibraphone

Album art for music by Doug Craft, Lakewood Underground

1. Chicken Dance 1982 - Doug Craft - bass, percussion; Kirk Williams - saxes

2. Myron Wouldn't Dig It 1983.  Doug Craft - drums, guitar, accordion, bass, percussion.

3. Mylanta Nightmare 1982 - Doug Craft - Arp 2600 synthesizer, vibraphone, percussion; Kirk Williams - saxes, percussion

4. The Forgotten 1981 - Doug Craft - acoustic guitars, alto and soprano recorders

5. Menacing Johnson 1982 - Doug Craft - Arp 2600 synthesizer, bass, guitar, percussion; Kirk Williams - saxes, percussion

6. Your Stupid Mind 1983 - Doug Craft - drums, bass, Arp 2600 Synthesizer, guitars, Plan Nine from Outer Space soundtrack (Directed by Ed Wood, Public Domain)

Album art for music by Doug Craft, Steel Alligator Boy - Let Me Eat You

1. Catfish Killers - 1982.  Doug Craft with Steel Alligator Boy.  Doug - guitars and vocal, Steve Thornburg - drums, Arvid Helland - bass, Kirk Williams - saxes

2. He Couldn't Believe - 1983 - Doug Craft - guitars, bass, Steve Thornburg - drums

3. Terminal Annex - 1982.  Doug Craft with Steel Alligator Boy.  Doug - guitars and ARP 2600 synthesizer, Steve Thornburg - drums, Arvid Helland - bass, Kirk Williams - saxes

4. No Vacancy - 1983 - Doug Craft - guitars, bass; Steve Thornburg - drums; Kirk Williams - saxes, flute

All music © 2018 Doug Craft

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