Golden Rectangle Collaborative Painting Collages

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JPG thumbnail image of Golden Rectangle subdivided into proportional squaresThese painting collages were the result of a collaboration between five artists organized by Doug Craft that resulted in the Sacred Geometry 2003 exhibit at V-Gallery in May and June of 2003. All paintings and collaged paintings have aspect ratios of 1:(1+Φ) or 1 to 1.618, and in this effort, the 55" x 34" paintings were made up of smaller proportional canvases of 34" x 34", 21" x 21", 13" x 13", and 13" x 8". These dimensions were selected because they are Fibonacci numbers, and the ratio of adjacent Fibonacci numbers approximates the Golden Mean, Φ. Each artist created his own painting with the only restriction being to consider the theme of sacred geometry. We then met with the completed paintings and created five collaged paintings from the components of each artists' work. Click on the sacred geometry and exhibitions links for more detailed information on Fibonacci numbers and this collaboration.

Doug Craft

Dave Griffin

Rolf Helland

Kent Rucker

Roger Rapp

JPG thumbnail that links to Golden Rectangle collaborative painting images Click Here or on the image to view this series of 5 paintings and 5 collaged paintings.

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