Golden Rectangle Coils

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JPG thumbnail image of Golden Rectangle subdivided into proportional squaresThis series is a continuation of my artistic exploration of the Golden Rectangle and the "collage of backgrounds."  These collages all have aspect ratios of 1:(1+Φ) or 1 to 1.618. When a Golden Rectangle is sectioned by a short side square, the length is subdivided at the Golden Ratio, called Φ, the Greek letter Phi, which also leaves another smaller Golden Rectangle. The process of subdivision by short side squares may continue with proportional short side squares "coiling" towards a convergence point called the "eye of God." A logarithmic spiral will also follow this coiling. Click on the sacred geometry link for more detailed information.   Prints from this series and coiled Golden Rectangles from the 2005 Elements in Golden Ratio Series are for sale.


Image of coiled golden rectangle collage by Doug Craft that loads a gallery of other images

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