Triple Golden Rectangle Photomontages:

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JPG thumbnail image of triple Golden Rectangle aspect ratio diagramThese photomontages have image aspect ratios of 1: 3 x (1+Φ) or 1 to 4.85, and were assembled using 7.46" x 12" R-type photographic prints made from slides. These archival photomontages are matted and framed behind glass in 42" by 13" Nielsen metal frames. Framed photomontages are one-half of a 42" x 26" Golden Rectangle, and can be combined to create dynamic assemblages (see exhibitions for examples in gallery spaces).  Both framed work and prints are for sale.

Photographs were taken using an Olympus OM-1N and Nikon F-100 35-mm cameras using Kodak Ektachrome and Fuji Provia 100 slide films. Macrophotos of television screens were taken with the OM-1 using a 50-mm Zuiko Macro lens with an Olympus auto-extension tube. Microphotos of rock thin sections were taken using a Zeiss polarizing microscope at 20-60x with a Leitz 35-mm camera.

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